How I use ifttt



Just in case you’ve missed this one, ifttt is a neat new web service currently in beta that has the potential to really help out those of us who struggle to keep all the various online channels we are part of together in some kind of logical way.
Ifttt – If this, then that – attempts to link together web services to make them work for you. By adding simple rules to ifttt you can take out some of the repetition of your online routine.

As people are starting to play I thought I’d share what I have found to be helpful. These are the rules I came up with:


I read a lot of web content in a day. With links coming in from Twitter/Google Reader/etc it is common to hear people complain about not being able to keep up, but my problem is keeping a record of the good things I do see. I love delicious, but adding everything there was one of these chores that was slightly more manual than it should be. Now, thanks to Ifttt I have 2 rules:

  • If I post a tweet with a link in, add to delicious with a ‘tweeted’ tag so I know where it came from.
  • If I share a link in Google Reader, add to delicious with a ‘Google read’ tag.


This is more of a work in progress, I want all my pictures to end up in one central location too. I have 2 rules set up, but looking at more.

  • If I add a photo to Instagram, add to my Flickr stream.
  • If I add a photo on Foursquare, add to my Flickr stream.

I’d really like the same to work for any tweet with an image in, but currently can’t see that option in ifttt at the moment.

There are loads more options to play with, you can see the range of services it talks to in the image at the top of the post. Next on the list to is to see how it can help my Evernote/Instapaper/Wordpress workflows. The service is still in beta, but I’d recommend you got yourself on the invite list if you use the web in a similar way to me.