Google Apps is making our 1-1 Trial Easy

At the moment we have a pretty large number of students helping us to answer some questions we have about 1-1 deployments. More of that to come as the data starts to appear.

What I have seen now we’re a couple of weeks in to loaning devices to students is just how easy our life has been because we are a Google Apps school. A couple of scenarios for you:

Android Users

A student given an Android tablet to trial logged in using their school account, all their documents are already there and available. If they edit content from Drive on the tablet it’s there when they log in to any other machine in the school. Easy. Same goes for their mail/calendars.

Over on iOS the GDrive app achieves the same thing, but setting up mail/calendars is not as easy.

Loan Kit

One of the big challenges with loan devices is they are not set up with all the content a user needs. Or, when they come to finish the loan it all has to be manually moved to the next device. No problem with students using GDrive – their content is in the cloud so it doesn’t matter what device you use.

Lessons for 1-1 Deployment

What we learn here isn’t that Google Apps is a must (although it’s clearly our tool of choice), but that file storage that is available anywhere, and on any device is. If we want students to move seamlessly between devices/locations then we can’t tie their data to a single place.

Follow up activities for us:

  1. Look at Google Vault (or other services) for backing up content.
  2. More testing of offline Google Drive. It’s improving all the time.
  3. Compare GDrive against Evernote.

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