Who is borrowing our equipment?

One of the reasons we shifted to doing all of the bookings for our new techs kit online is it would allow us to track what was being used. After (almost) a term I’ve gone back to have a look at that data, this is what we found.

The new techs booking form only covers certain equipment. The standard booking of IT suites or laptops doesn’t feature here, and we haven’t been tracking how departments are using their own equipment (maths have a set of Nintendo DS for example).

Since shifting to online booking at the end of September:

  • Nearly 40% of staff have booked something for a lesson
  • We have taken an average of 20 bookings a week
  • Only 12% of bookings asked for technical support during the lesson
  • Our set of laptops with cameras and stop frame animation software is by far the most popular booking
  • The iPod Touch is significantly more popular than the Macbook

Very pleased with all of that, particularly the confidence that our staff are starting to show in using new technologies.

Next step is to try and keep track of all the good things that they are doing with it. We want to be able to share good practice here as well as just look for patterns in the data.

Our ICT SIG document their work on the blog, but beyond there we don’t formally keep tabs on what people are doing. Thinking an addition to the booking form to ask staff to quickly describe what they are using it for would sort this without demanding too much extra time to fill in.

Image source- Macbook, CC licensed on Flickr by goobimama

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