What I learnt at TeachMeet

I spent yesterday evening at St Mary’s listening to a whole set of really inspiring examples of teaching practice happening in schools all around us. Really good opportunity to see some of the other things going on, particularly from primary, and I’m a big fan of the 7 minute time limit on presentations. From a secondary school perspective these are the things that really stuck out for me.

  • MyEbook.com is brilliant. You take any document you already have (could be a pdf, or even a series of images/scans of pupil work) and it turns it into a great looking Flash book that you can embed anywhere you like. This is a really good primary example of the kind of thing you can do. (@jonaudain presented this)
  • Embedit.in is a really nice way to embed any file you have into your VLE/website/etc
  • Helen from Vital talked about chroma key. Something that only really clicked in my head yesterday was that we don’t need the wall to be green- any contrasting colour would work. She also quickly mentioned a few good looking web 2.0 sites that I hadn’t come across before. Comiqs.com (online comic builder), capzles.com (multimedia timelines).
  • I can’t remember who presented it (sorry…), but sumopaint is another site worth looking at. It’s an online image editor/creator. Imagine Photoshop, but running in a browser. Cool.
  • @ianaddison talked about Delicious, and showed the Hampshire Delicious feed. Add it to your network.
  • @kristianstill has some mighty impressive PowerPoint skills… His presentation looked amazing. Spoke about some of the work students have created usingĀ Xtranormal, nice little web app for easily creating animations.
  • @fcbsd taught us all Scratch in his 7 minutes. I really liked the example he used from the PE department- creating simple animation to explain the movement of players on a basketball court.
  • The free stuff was great… Free trials of various sites nice, but the combined biro/highlighter from Vital and the purple memory stick bracelet from Espresso win for me!

There’s loads more info from the event here, and the photos (courtesy of @chrisrat) are on Flickr over here. Really enjoyed the evening, good to catch up with some people I haven’t seen for a while and very much looking forward to the next one.

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