This week I have been mostly reading…

After half a week of school closures I thought I’d put together a list here of the research I’ve been catching up with over the last few days. Been a growing pile of articles on my desk that I knew I wanted to read, have actually got round to them now. None particularly short, but all worth a quick look if you do something vaguely related to me. The Ofcom report in particular is worth a scan of the summary page if nothing else.

  1. Augmentation and dialogic teaching: alternative pedagogies for a changing world
  2. Exploring teacher mediation of subject learning with ICT: a multimedia approach
  3. Charles Leadbeater: 21 ideas for 21st century learning
  4. Ofcom: UK children’s media literacy 2009 interim report
  5. Creating and connecting: research and guidelines on online social and educational networking
  6. Powerpoint, interactive whiteboards, and the visual culture of technology in schools
  7. Developing a better understanding of technology based pedagogy
  8. Teaching with technology

And, I’ve started The Fourth Way as well. Andy Hargreaves on the future for educational change. First part of the book that I’ve read takes you through the history of education policy in this Country, interesting reading for someone only catching up with it in the last 5 years or so.

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